Make your own TWITTER BOT!(Linux)

Hi all, today I’m going to tell you guys how to create a twitter bot. What is a bot. Bot is a simple computer program used to perform highly repetitive operations. You might have already seen some twitter bots but haven’t recognized them as bots. Here I’m going to create a simple retweet bot.  Everything is done and you just need to get the API keys from twitter. Follow these steps to get API keys from twitter.

  1.  Go to and create a new twitter application.
  2. Then go to “Keys and Access tokens” to generate required keys
  3. Then click on “Create my access token” and generate your access token.

Now all the hard work is done. Go to this git repo( and clone this( git clone  Now do the following steps.

  1. Install dependecies. ‘pip2 install tweepy’
  2. Make a copy of config.json.sample to config.json
  3. Make a copy of textrc.json.sample
  4. Complete thr fields of the two json files.
  5. Run it or push it to heroku Run Locally `python’


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