Run Eclipse Mars IDE inside Eclipse Che

What is Eclipse Che?

  • Eclipse Che is a developer workspace server and cloud IDE.
  • Codenvy hosts eclipse che workspaces with free accounts. You can simply create a codenvy account and try Eclipse Che. (
  • Since Eclipse Che is an open source project you can folk their github repository and start building from the source code. All the required instructions are provided their. (
  • Now you have an idea about what is Eclipse Che and what eclipse che is for? Eclipse che provides a well explained documentation so you can learn anything from the begining 🙂 (

Docker machines

  • Docker machine is an an environment is composed of machines powered by Docker or localhost.
  • A machine is a runtime whose stack is instantiated by a recipe.
  • Docker is a powerful and convenient implementation of machines providing near-instant activation, copy-on-write file system, and Dockerfile recipes for constructing custom stacks. Launch from our provided images, DockerHub, private registries, or through your own Docker files.
  • Your projects are mounted into the workspace.

What are we going to do?

  • I started my first GSOC (Google Summer Of Code) project this year with Eclipse foundation and I am currently developing a feature for Eclipse Che. If you are interested take a look at my project.(Eclipse CHE: Pair programming with Eclipse Che Cloud IDE) 😀
  • During the community bonding period which first thirty days we were supposed work with the community and get in touch with the code base. 
  • During this time period I had to setup some tools for my local Development IDE which is Eclipse Mars.
  • My mentor Mr. Sun Seng David Tan ( asked me setup Eclipse Mars inside Eclipse Che so we can share the same IDE.

How I did it?

  • Now we all know eclipse work spaces  are built on Docker. So we need to configure the docker in order to get this done.
  • You can simply go to the workspaces on Eclipse Che and create a new workspace. 

Eclipse Che - Create Worksapce

  • Then go to Custom stack tab.

Eclipse Che - Custom Stack

Launch Eclipse Mars

  • Now everything is done. You only need to launch the ide. 
  • Go to the cloud IDE and under consoles you can see a small icon called SSH.
  • Click on that icon and you will see the instructions. For an example if your get an instruction like this. (Default password will be “secret“)
    ssh [email protected] -p 32775 [-i /path/to/your/private/ssh/key]
  • You just need to -X eclipse Mars Ide using the following command.
  • ssh [email protected] -p 32782 ./eclipse/eclipse -X

That’s it. 🙂 Feel freet to comment if you need to know anything else 😀

This is good for sharing configs but for development it’s always good to use a Cloud IDE(Eclipse Che) instead of Mars due to some reasons such as

  • Speed of the data transfer depends on your network connection. 🙁
  • This is not supported by windows. 🙁

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