Extending WSO2 API Manager – Service Chaining

Overview Service chaining is a popular integration use-case. Most of the times, a single service needs to be exposed by combining multiple resources. Assume that there are two services available and they need to be called sequentially. The ideal way to implement this is via service chaining. WSO2 Enterprise Integrator[1] is a leading open source…

Spring Security integration with WSO2 Identity Server

Recently I did a small screen cast on “Spring Security integration with WSO2 Identity Server”. You can find all the resources I have used in the screencast bellow. Source code of the SDK : https://github.com/rnavagamuwa/spring-security-abac/tree/master/sdk The source code of the sample: https://github.com/rnavagamuwa/spring-security-abac/tree/master/sample Slide deck